Sports bra Vs Normal Bra

Sports bra Vs Normal Bra

Sports bra vs Normal bra


To begin, we would like to say YES, there is a difference between the two and even though it all boils down to preference a sports bra actually comes with some added benefits. If you go to the gym, for a walk, some yoga or even running up the stairs you would know that if the girls are not in their place or position it gets uncomfortable. A sports bra is specifically made for those days of working out and engineered in a specific way so we ladies don’t feel uncomfortable or hurt our bodies. Physical activity makes the breast move around and these repetitive motions tend to cause pain, soreness and our worst enemy sagging! Research shows that movement with not enough support can lead to long term sagging. Even though a regular bra offers you support, they tend to leave marks or bruising because breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with. The sports bra is a common remedy for saggy breasts and prevent premature sagging. A sports bra is designed for those movements whether you are an A cup or DD, they offer a lot more support as well as grip movement and motion during your activities, although regular bras offer this support, in some cases they cause tension on the shoulders and they eventually hurt your body with metal underwire. 

The sports bra is a great alternative to a normal bra and its no longer limited to a training session, you can use them lounging around at home or while running errands.

We hope after this mini blog, you make the right decision regarding your health and comfort while training and working out.

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