Remember why you started

Remember why you started

We called this blog “remember why you started” because it is towards this part of the year that we tend to get lazy towards our goals, especially our fitness goals. The excuses conveniently start to roll in.. 

‘its cold outside’ 

‘its raining’ 

‘I will start again in summer’

Adding to that it really doesn’t help that winter fashion is there to help us to cover those few extra kgs. When you find yourself making these excuses, firstly acknowledge it because then only will you be able to make a change thereafter remind yourself that each excuse you make is choice (well unless you are being held at gun point) and these excuses delay the end result you seek. Instead of comforting yourself with a hot chocolate every day, why not reach for a cup of herbal tea or coffee with honey instead of sugar but lets not get started on a diet right now. 

All we are saying is that a little rain should not destroy your goals, if you don’t feel like going to the gym thats perfect, just do a little workout at home. A little workout is still a workout just ensure its done to the best of your abilities. The other reason we tend to get lazy towards this part of the year is that its so simple to say “Im going to start fresh in 2019” and we believe that is one of the biggest mistakes to make because new year resolutions don’t always last the entire year in most cases it lasts just a few months. Instead of a new year resolution, take action now. Today. Tomorrow. You don’t need a new year to control your goals, you can start fresh in the next minute if you would like and the key is to include small changes into your every day life which would eventually lead to a goal or lifestyle that will have you feeling amazing. When you use the new day method to start fresh, you can always encourage yourself to start and starting is THE most important part to anything.

Write it down and whether it takes you a day or a lifetime to achieve, start. Give it everything you have and if you fail at it, be satisfied you gave it all then start over with new techniques to reach the same result.

We are not sure who needs to read this right now, maybe you are slacking on your goals or maybe you are crushing them we just decided to put it out there for everyone and if it just reaches out and helps one person, our work here is done.


Remember why you started, always.

-The Mickkay G Team


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