Lets get waisted

Lets get waisted

Hello Ladies! If you have purchased a waist trainer or are considering purchasing one, here are a few things you may want to read..

There are a few guidelines to follow as well as some do’s and dont’s linked to waist training.

Please read carefully, however this is just a guideline given by our knowledge and use of a waist trainer. Please contact a physician for expert advice when needed.

To begin waist training we suggest you start on the loosest hook and only use your waist trainer for 30-40 minutes the first day and then increase the time you wear your waist trainer by 20-50 minutes till you reach about 4-6 hours per day.

If you are able to manage the first few days in this sequence then continue to 6 hours a day, if not, then do not rush, some people may take more time than others to get used to the compression.

Once you start waist training with a specific waist trainer it is important to use it on the last hook(the most loose) and gradually go to the next hook, this could take months so the key word is “gradually”.

If your goal is to loose weight it is suggested to use your waist trainer when eating as it restricts the amount of food you consume.

Never wear your waist trainer to sleep at night, It is best worn under clothing during the day as your every movement plays a part in waist training.

Take days off in between days of waist training and drink lots of water.

For the best results, follow a healthy low carb diet and it is very important to add some core strengthening exercises to speed up the process and strengthen your muscles. I cannot emphasize enough how important strengthening your core is when waist training.

All the best!


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