Booty workout with Slim fit using Mickkay G.

Booty workout with Slim fit using Mickkay G.

Hey #MGlady!

Try this workout at the gym or at home, for the best results remember that consistency is key in weightloss or building muscle and results take time. I find that coffee is a great way to give you a little more energy to complete your workout or make it a great one! Research shows that caffeine can make exercise feel more enjoyable so that you push harder through your workout and get it done to the best of your abilities, its best to drink coffee about 30 minutes before your workout and my second tip is to have a plan of action BEFORE you go to the gym.

YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT so make sure you have that plan of action on your, phone, a mental note or a physical note to ensure you are not walking around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next. Your time is wasted when you dilly dally around without your plan.

So plan your workout before starting, its good to work a similar muscle group on one day, for example booty exercises on one day after some cardio if you need then your arms on another day. Stretches or cardio before your workout is important to activate your muscles.

Check out the video to give you a start to training with some booty exercises and let us know how your training and transformation goes, enjoy!


This video features @Slim.Shanty of SLIM FIT using our camo MICKKAY G leggings, email her on for more information or help to reach your goals.


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